5 Band 1km Portable Uav Drone Jammer anti drone gun

Item No.: 00395
5 Band 1km Portable Uav Drone Jammer anti drone gun

Product Description

5 Band 1KM Portable UAV 900MHz WiFi 5.8G 2.4G GPS Uav Drone Signal Jammer

Portable light Uav Drone Jammer, Built-in high gain directional antenna, Built-in 4 sets of independently operated RF working unit, can choose to on/off GPS to drive the drone or force the drone to land, can be transmitted shielding interference signals to the surrounding 45-degree angle, Coverage (500-1200m) can be comprehensive and stable uninterrupted shielding of the 900MHz GPSL1, WIFI 2.4G, and 5.8G bands in the UAV frequency band.

Product Description

1.High-gain 10dbi built-in antenna, Jamming range up to 1KM.
2.Working for more than 30 minutes with fully charged.
3. The display can choose to display the power and voltage, and the customer can switch according to their requirements.
4.There is a power switch in the visible part of the body, including a power indicator, which can be operated directly by one hand. 5.Independent design of control switch, aiming at stopping peeping, driving away, and forcing to land.

5 Band 1.2km Portable Uav 900MHz WiFi 5.8g 2.4G GPS Uav Drone Guard System Jammer


Channel Working Frequency Output power(±1dBm)
CH1 2.4G 2400-2485MHz 45 dBm
CH2 2.4G 2400-2485MHz 45 dBm
CH3 5.8G 5725-5850MHz 44 dBm
CH4 GPSL1, Glonass, BDS 1575.4±2.5MHZ(1.5G-GPS)
43 dBm
CH5 900MHz  860-930MHz 43 dBm
Power supply mode

Inside battery: 24V, 5000mAh;

Or External battery

Battery working time 30 minutes
Working temperature -20ºC to +55ºC
Power consumption 240W
Weight 4.3KG, Packing Weight:11KG
Size 680X300X70mm
Panel Antenna 10dBi Gain
Total output power  125W
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