100W Digital Adjustable Frequency High Power Portable DDS Jammer Module

Item No.: 9
100W Digital Adjustable Frequency High Power Portable DDS Jammer Module
1: This module with Built-in DDS signal source and PA power amplifier integration.
2: The frequency can be customized according to your requirements. The low frequency is 800-1200 MHz, 1200-1500 MHz, can set 4 sub-band by software. For example, 800-900MHz, can choose 4 sub-band randomly.
3: The monitoring software can control hundreds of modules at the same time.
4: The module comes with LCD screen (optional), which can display parameters.
such as frequency, switching status, output power, etc.
5: The software can modify all parameters, address codes, etc., which is suitable for matching the module and antenna on the full machine.
6: Comes with RS485 communication function, can carry out a multi-band network mode, LCD screen will show the detailed specs of full machine. Including each sub-band frequency, output power, current, voltage, temperature and other parameters.
7: With complete control software, can set the frequency point of each sub-band, adjust the output power, switch, etc., get all module data automatically, no need to add modules manually.
Test Items Technical Parameter
Power amplifier Frequency Range (MHz) 800-1200MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 1200-1500 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 1500-1800 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 1800-2200 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 2200-2500 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 2500-2800 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 2800-3100 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 3100-3300 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 3300-3600 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 3600-4000 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 4000-4500 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 4500-5000 MHz
  Frequency Range (MHz) 5000-5500 MHz
  Output Power(dBm) 50±1dBm
  Time Delay < 1us
  Gain(dB) 50±1.0
  Ripple in Band(dB) ≤2
  Input VSWR ≤1.5
  Output VSWR ≤1.5
Power Supply +28 Vdc@50W/6.5A(According to frequency)
RF Connector N-50KFD
Operating Temperature -20~+80ºC
Dimension(mm)(Length x Width x Height) 175mm×164mm×60mm
Input Signal Source Built-in DDS Signal Source
Mode of Communication RS485
Cooling Built-in radiator and fan, can  work independently
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